DK Global Web Solutions Products

Recruitment Software

Recruitment CRM

Most practical and Straight to the point Recruitment CRM.  Primary focus is on saving time and do its job.

Job Specification

Its a job information pack that contains custom prescreening questions, GDPR consent and job info sent in a url via SMS

Interview Preparation

This is a Interview Preparation software, all of the interviews Steps can be fully customised and sent in a url via SMS

Ads Master

The Ads Master is a software to create, save and organise your Ads in one place. Ads will be posted via API’s

Job Board Software

Social Community

This is jobseekers community for all registered users in our job board. The functions will be similar as LinkedIn.

Jobseekers Posts

It is quite a unique feature for jobseekers. Applicants will be able to post their own profile message for the employers.

Employers Posts

This module is for employers to have quick communication with jobseekers and promote their Important messages 

Cost of Living

Cost of living of the various cities around the world can easily be filtered. Multiple variables can be selected.

Online Business Software

Buy & Sell Resume

This Platform is an opportunity to “Buy or Sell” the resume in online open marketplace. CV owner consent is mandatory.

Online Collaboration

Placement in collabroation is a platform in which a licensed recruiters can team up with another recruiter online.

Recruiters Job Board

A dedicated job board for HR and recruitment professionals. Jobseekers can post their own profiles for employers. 

Private Community 

This is a community platform where members can initiate private discussions, queries and share the business info.

Accounting Software

Business Overview

It is a summary platform for all your sales throughout the year. Very easy to update & retrieve information.

Online Cashflow

Cash is still the king and it will always be. Online customised cashflow tracks your daily In & out financial transitions.

Income & Expense

All income notes or receipts can be created directly from your mobile or desktop and add directly into cashflow.

Finance Management

Manage all your expenses into single platform where multiple users can record expense from various depts.

Business Management Software

Internal Mailbox

Its an internal mailbox system for users only. It will keep all your internal communication with users fully secured.

Admin Queries

Most advance and a unique way to manage all the admin tasks into the multiple tables and keeps more productivity.

Notifications Panel

Dedicated notification panel to manage all your reminders in one single page. It is a good substitute of tasks mgt.

Live Support Tracking

Live track the progress of all kind of users queries status that can be traced by both admin and users itself.

Employees Management Software

Tasks Management

Internal communications are  made efficient & effective between employees and company management.

Activities Tracking

Working from home is a new normal for all employees. this software helps to track the activities of employees.

Online Job Profile

This software is a solution of not knowing or being clear about employees  own job responsibilities at work.

Online KPI's

One single page KPI software that contains all the users KPI into tables and graphs. It is easy to fill and understand.